Introduction to API Call Search

The API Call Search panel allows you to inspect API calls going over your API. API calls will show up here in almost real-time. Some of the aggregate stats may have a small delay but less than a minute or two.

Searching REST API logs

Shareable URLs

Moesif saves the search filters under the current view’s URL. If you share the URL with a teammate, they will also see your same filters applied without requiring him/her to re enter filter parameters.


In order to narrow your search beyond general search, there are many filters available:


Timeframe filters by the request.time field of API calls. Input to the filter uses your local computer’s timezone. Similarly, the display time for each API call is converted to your computer’s local time.

Event Id

Each API call is tagged with an event id. If you know the event id (i.e. you printed it in debug logs), you can enter it here.

User Id

If you need to bring up API calls for a specific end-user, you can enter the user id here. You should call identifyUser() in the appropriate SDK for this to be accurate.

Auth/Session Token

Moesif will extract API/Session/Auth Tokens from API calls to make filtering easier.

Request IP Address

At the moment, Moesif supports filtering by IPv4 addresses.

Response Code

Self explanatory


Self explanatory


Moesif will detect what your route template is, thus /widgets/12345 will map to a route template of /widgets/:id

Elapsed Time

Moesif will update the histogram so you can visually see how your API is performing

User Agent/OS/Device

Self explanatory

Geo Filters

Self explanatory


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