Introduction to API Error Triage

The error triage panel groups your API errors into triage buckets so that you can view high level analytical stats for a particular error.

Moesif will automatically bucket the errors by a fingerprint or signature of the API error which include fields such as:

  • hostname
  • the endpoint verb and path
  • response status code

List of triaged error buckets

After integrating Moesif, the errors will show up in the dashboard within a few mins (assuming you have errors)

Moesif considers an error as any HTTP response with status code that is greater than 299.

API versioning

Moesif supports triaging based on your API version. You can tag API calls with a request.api_version in your integration SDK which is any arbitrary string. Errors seen from APIs with different API versions will not be bucketed together.

If you have both a separate major version and minor version (i.e. you have /v1 in the URL, but also a minor version via a date header), you can append both together to create the full version string.