Bucket state and creating issues

Bucket state

To organize triaged errors, you can change the bucket state.

State Description
OPEN A new error will automatically be placed in the Open state
RESOLVED If an error has been fixed, place it in the Resolved state, this will hide it. If the error is seen again, it will be triaged into a new bucket.
IGNORED If you have an error that you want to hide permanently, place it in the Ignored state. This can be helpful for ignoring valid 404 errors or errors on health probes to avoid clutter.

To ignore a path from being logged globally, use the skip feature instead. Skipped API calls don’t use your monthly quota.

Syncing issues to Jira, Trello, etc.

You can connect Moesif to your favorite issue tracking tools such as JIRA and Trello to ensure fixing your API errors is process driven. You can browse the full list of extensions to discover extensions for tools you already use.

To save an issue to your the 3rd party tracker, just browse to the error bucket and go to the summary panel near the top right.

Summary of error bucket

From there, you can create a new ticket. The title and description fields will be prepopulated with the API error info. You can modify this or create a new one. If your bug tracking software is not linked, Moesif will ask for credentials and walk you setting it up.

Creating a Jira issue