Moesif’s Jira Plugin

A quick overview of Moesif’s Jira plugin and setup guide to link your Moesif Account and your Jira Issue Tracking.

Speed up your team project management and error resolution with Jira and Moesif:

  • Moesif is an API Analytics and debugging service for platform teams with support for REST, GraphQL, and more.

  • The plugin allows you to create Jira issues from the errors automatically triaged in Moesif.

  • The Jira tickets will also link back to the original error so you have access to Moesif’s API analytics.

jira add issue from moesif

How to setup Moesif with Jira

This setup guide is specific to the Moesif Jira plugin. For general Moesif info, view product features.

  1. Log into your account

  2. Go to Moesif Dashboard -> Top Right Menu-> Extensions Setup, and scroll to the Jira Setup Section.

  3. Enter your Jira Credentials. (The credentials are encrypted and stored safely.)

Each Moesif organization/app can be linked to a separate Jira instance/project

jira setup

  1. After clicking submit, you can select the Jira project that will be used for this Moesif organization.