Tracing a user’s API Calls

This guide assumes you are familiar with User Search already. If not, please review the Introduction to User Search

The User Trace panel allows you to trace through multiple transactions for a specific error. You can get to a error trace from a user’s profile or from a triage bucket.

Searching REST API logs

Shareable URLs

Similar to API Search, Moesif saves the user search filters under the current page’s URL. This allows you to share the page’s URL with colleagues and they will see all the same filters that you applied.

User trace panels

  • The right side shows the API calls that the user made leading up to the error. You can expand each row to inspect the headers and body. The last (most recent call) was the API call that resulted in a 500 error.

  • The left side also shows the trace of API calls but in a timing format.

  • You can also expand the top, expanding the header shows the user metadata that was discussed under user profiles.