API product manager solution

API Customer Success

Ensure customers onboard successfully and quickly support integration problems with your APIs and SDKs. Quickly see if it’s a configuration issue on their side or a bug that needs to be shared with engineering. Centrally track how your prospects, customers, and partners are integrating and using your APIs.

Resolve Faster

Triage new customer issue quickly and dig into customer API activity.

Share Context

Securely share full context with internal stakeholders and external customers.

Improve Metrics

Understand what API usage patterns cause the most customer pains and integration issues.

Accelerate your triage workflow

  • View customer’s API activity right in Zendesk and quickly understand what the customer did without engineering help.
  • Quickly dig into how a customer or prospect is using your APIs by email or company name.
  • Connect to your favorite tools like Jira and Zapier to sync issue context and more.
customer success triage workflow

Share and reproduce scenarios securely

  • Lower tickets in need more information and can’t reproduce by sharing a workspace with product and engineering to ensure a solution is found.
  • Let bug owner rerun the exact API calls in Postman and test the fix.
share and reproduce

Be the data-driven solutions engineer

  • Centrally monitor how your prospects, customers, and partners are integrating and using your APIs.
  • Discover emerging and persistent API issues that cause unhappy customers.
  • Dig into why they cause the most problems and how to find a solution.
data driven solution engineer

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