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Customer Success and Developer Relations

Ensure customers integrate successfully and support them better when integration issues come up. Segment your developer community and discover what makes a great developer experience. Track funnel metrics on Time to First Hello World (TTFHW), engagement, and customer retention.

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Resolve Issues Faster

Triage new integration issues quickly and dig into customer's API activity.

Track and Share Metrics

Securely share dashboards with internal stakeholders and external parties.

Improve Your Experience

Track your developer funnel and discover where new customers get stuck.

What kinds of customer questions can Moesif API Analytics answer?

Accelerate triage of integration issues

  • Look up how an individual developers or customer used your API.
  • Understand common trends why customers churn with cohort retention analysis.
  • Connect to your favorite tools like Jira, Salesforce, and Zendesk to sync customer context and more.
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Share and collaborate securely

  • Share metrics with product and engineering to track pressing API bugs and get them fixed.
  • Embed white-labeled dashboards and API audit logs in your customer facing portal for self-serve help.
  • Automatically create API tests in Postman from customer issues.
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Improve your developer experience

  • Monitor which customers integrated and how they adopt your APIs with Developer Relations Management.
  • Track your developer funnel and TTFHW (Time to First Hello World) to see where they get stuck.
  • Automate informing customers using a deprecated or vulnerable SDK or API endpoint.
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