API Analytics & Search - Event Stream View

This guide assumes you are familiar with API Search already. If not, please review the Introduction to API Search first.

The Events Stream displays the API calls in a log like stream sorted by time or search relevance.

Searching REST API logs

Moesif captures the full request and response headers/body, which is display in the appropriate format such as a JSON tree if JSON body.

Moesif can capture any content type, although human-readable text like JSON and XML will work best. Binary content-types such as octet-stream will be displayed in binary format.

Event actions

You can select a group of specific events using the checkboxes. Once selected, you can perform actions on the selected events such as viewing a timing trace or replaying the API calls.

Plotting events on timeline chart

You can select a group of events (marking the checkboxes next to each event) and plot on a timeline chart. Select Show Timeline Chart menu option under the XX Selected button. Moesif has found its very useful to filter on user_id or session_token and then plot the timeline so you can see the API calls relevant for a particular user.

Plotting events on a timeline chart

Comparing two API calls

To compare two API calls, select Diff 2 Events from the selection drop down. Moesif will show you a left and right side and mark the additions and subtractions in green/red. Moesif will diff the entire HTTP request/response including HTTP headers and any JSON body to aid in debug investigation.

Compare two API calls

Replaying API calls

A cURL command is given for each event for convenience. In addition, API calls can be selected to be replayed or resent in the replay panel. Very useful to reproduce an error you are receiving in production. You’ll have a chance at modifying request parameters before being sent such as any request headers or URI.

Replaying REST API calls