API Analytics & Search - Sharing Workspaces

This guide assumes you are familiar with API Search already. If not, please review the Introduction to API Search documentation.

The Shareable Workspaces will create a publicly shareable link for partners or customers to access limited subset of your data without exposing all your API data.

Create shareable workspaces

Select the API analysis data that you would like to share and click on the create share link button.

Create Shared Link button

Alternatively, you could also click on the create share link from the drop down menu.

Create Shared Link drop down

On the shareable workspace link page, you could provide the workspace name and add the additional constraints to restrict access to all your API data and click on the create share link button.

Create Workspaces

A new workspace will be created and the publicly accessible link will be generated. Copy the shareable link and share it with the partners or customers.

Please note that if the filters are applied to the data before creating the link, the shareable link will have those filters applied.

You could create shareable links for the following data:

  • Events Stream
  • Geo Heatmap
  • Segment Charts
  • Time Series
  • Table View/Export

Manage workspaces

Login to your Moesif account -> Top Right Menu-> Workspaces to view the list of all the shared workspaces.

Policy constraints

While creating a shareable workspace you could restrict what data should be exposed. You could add constraints like Event Ids, User Ids or other constraints. Anyone with the link can access data given these constraints.

For security reasons, the policy cannot be change once set. It is recommended to test the link first as policy constraints can limit the view differently from what you are seeing.

You could also view the constraints for the saved workspaces by clicking on the link details button of the workspace under Manage workspaces.

To fetch the shareable link, click on the link details button of the workspace under Manage workspaces and copy the link.

Delete the workspaces

You could delete the workspace by clicking on the delete button of the workspace under Manage workspaces. Once the workspace is deleted, the individuals with the link will not able to access the data.