API Analytics - Time Series

Time series analysis allows you to view aggregate data for API events through a histogram of time windows. This is different from the timeline chart under Event Stream where you can select a set of individual events to see a waterfall sequence.

Segmenting API calls

By default, the bars show the number of events in each time window. The time window is the time range you selected for the event, divided by approximately the maximum number of buckets.

The same filters in Event Search can also be used here. For example, if you want to see number of 500 errors for the /users endpoint over the last day, add a filter for the /users route and the Response Status filter as 500.

You can also add additional metrics to the time series chart. For example, if you add avg(Elapsed Time), then an additional line will show on the chart to show the Elapsed Time average in each time window.

Additional notes:

  • For fields that are numeric type, we support metrics including average, sum, min, and max.
  • You can also click on the legend of the chart to show or hide any time series.
  • The data is exportable as CSV.