Integration Options

Moesif has three main ways to capture/log your API calls, but you only need to pick one to get started.

Moesif recommends starting with a server SDK when you can install a SDK for production use. Whereas those integrating with 3rd party SaaS tools like CRM or billing webhooks may find the cloud proxy easier since it doesn’t require code.

As you expand your application you can pick more than one for additional visibility and capture them all within the same application id in Moesif.

Server SDKs Server SDKs

The server Middleware SDKs are the most popular option and instrument your code to capture either incoming API calls from your customers or outgoing API calls to 3rd parties such as to your payments or communications provider. They are open-source middleware SDKs that hook into common frameworks like Express.js and Django and take about 20 minutes to get up and running.

Example use cases

  • You are an API provider and want to analyze your customers API usage.
  • You create internal APIs that power your apps or consumed by other internal teams.
  • Your app depends on third party APIs and want to capture issues with these partners.

Mobile SDKs Mobile SDKs

The mobile SDKs are included in a mobile app’s binary such as an Android *.apk file. The mobile SDKs log outgoing API calls to other services such as to your own API or to third party APIs like Stripe or Facebook The mobile SDKs hook into lower level HTTP libs so you don’t need to instrument 3rd party SDKs.

Example use cases

  • You have a mobile app that uses managed Backend as a Service (BaaS). You want to capture API calls to your own APIs or 3rd parties without back end changes.

Cloud Proxy Cloud Proxy

The cloud proxy is also an option instead of installing SDKs. The cloud proxy works like a link by encoding your API or webhook base URL to a URL. This encoded URL is a drop-in replacement for your old URL.

Example use cases

  • Debugging webhook issues that are not reaching your services, you just need to encode the webhook URL.
  • Capture API calls in a code free way without adding additional SDKs.

Additional integrations

We have additional server integrations for popular API gateways and cloud providers such as our one-click extension for Azure WebApps or Kong API Gateway. Please review our extensions for details.