Integration Options

Moesif has three main ways to integrate and start capturing your API calls. Additional integrations can be found here. You only need to pick one to get started.

As you expand, you can pick more than one for additional visibility. For example, if you have many APIs from different sources, you can pick the optimal option for each different API-driven service that you use. The data is analyzed together under the same Application ID.

Server (middleware) SDKs Server SDK

The server Middleware SDKs are the most popular option and work by capturing incoming API calls for any API-driven service. In addition to capturing incoming calls, some Server SDKs also support capturing outgoing API calls to 3rd parties such as the SDKs for Node and Python. They are open-source middleware SDKs that hook into common frameworks like ExpressJS and Django. Since they are designed for each frameworks, you can get started by just importing and enabling the middleware SDK.

Example use cases

  • You are an API provider and want to log and debug your public API.
  • You create APIs that power your mobile apps or internal APIs that are used by other internal teams.

Mobile SDKs Mobile SDKs

The mobile SDKs are included in a mobile app’s binary such as an Android *.apk file. Unlike the server SDKs, the mobile SDKs log outgoing API calls to other services. Such services could be your own API or even third parties called from your app like Facebook or Stripe. The mobile SDKs hook into lower level HTTP libs so you don’t need to modify 3rd party libs.

Example use cases

  • You have a mobile app that uses managed Backend as a Service (BaaS). You want to log API transactions, but don’t have access to the server.
  • You want to log calls to third party APIs that your app calls such as Stripe, Algolia, and Facebook even when using their respective client libs.

Cloud Proxy Cloud Proxy

The cloud proxy is also an option instead of server or mobile SDKs. The cloud proxy can be placed on any API without deploying new server or client binaries. As long as you have access to the API’s base URL, such as, you can use the cloud proxy. The cloud proxy logs requests/responses going through the proxy.

Example use cases

  • Debugging webhook issues that are not reaching your services, you just need to encode the webhook URL.
  • Log API calls without importing additional libraries.
  • Capture requests/responses on an API you don’t control.

Additional integrations

We have additional integrations such as our one-click extension for Azure WebApps. Please review our extensions for details.

Also, if we don’t have a SDK, we have many API libs for languages such as:

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Go
  • C#
  • Java

Please review our API reference for more information.


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