Platform Overview

Platform Overview

The Moesif platform enables you to understand and monetize API usage with a powerful analytics and billing platform.

Moesif ingests event data from your API products and traditional web based applications via the Collector API. The analytics and monitoring is handled within the Moesif infrastructure which ensures you have low maintenance overhead.

As an open platform, Moesif can sync usage records to customer data platforms like Segment and HubSpot. Moesif also provides API monetization capabilities by connecting to billing systems like Stripe, Recurly, Chargebee and Zuora.

Overview of the Moesif platform

Data Model

Your event data can be modeled as API Calls and Custom Actions:

  1. API Calls performed against your APIs such as API Gateways like Kong and Amazon API Aateway
  2. Custom Actions performed within your web apps such as React or Javascript. This also includes events from customer data platforms like Segment.

Customers are modeled using both companies and users:

  1. A company is typically your direct customer and is typically an organization
  2. A user is a member of the company (such as end user or employee and the organization)

Moesif Data Model / Diagram

Custom metadata can be stored with any of these four entities as shown above.