Getting Started

Why Moesif?

Moesif is the most advanced API logging and analytics platform for APIs and integrated apps. It helps you debug and understand deeply API related issues and help prevent errors in the future.

Who is Moesif for?

Moesif is designed for REST API providers and integrated applications that are powered by APIs.

What data does Moesif log and analyze?

Moesif logs and analyzes two entities, API Events, and Users. In the future, we’ll expand the analytical insights into other areas of the tech stack to make debugging easier.

API Events

An API Events or API Calls includes all the attributes for a single HTTP request in your stack. This includes the request headers and body, the response headers and body, and so on.


A user is an end-user in your app. If you are an API provider, this may be your immediate customers using your API. If you are creating a consumer app, your end-users may be the end consumers of the app. A user contains a map of attributes or properties related to that user. This could include the user’s email, name, or location information. Moesif attributes API Events to specific users to aid your debug.


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