Introduction to Behavioral Emails

You can leverage your usage data in Moesif to automatically inform customers such as send an email if they didn’t get integrated or when they are hitting rate limits. There are two ways to keep customers informed:

1. Behavioral Emails within Moesif

With behavioral emails, you can inform customers of key events like hitting usage quotas, billing notifications, and more. You can design customer emails right in Moesif’s HTML editor and pick which cohorts of users will receive your email.Moesif can use any SMTP compatible email provider like SendGrid or AWS SES so you can reuse your same DKIM authentication and unsubscribe lists.

2. Connect to Sales and Marketing Tools

Instead of designing emails in Moesif, you can also connect to an existing marketing tool like HubSpot or Pendo. This enables you to sync any data in Moesif users or companies to their respective entity in the CRM or marketing tool. Keep in mind, because most marketing tools cannot handle event data, Moesif provides a way to save cohorts of users based on their behavior such as “Made over 100 API calls in the last 5 days”. This is also synced to the marketing tool for easier targeting.

Embedded dashboards is another feature you can leverage to guide your customers. This enables you to embed API logs, SLA metrics, and other charts in your customer-facing portal. The data is powered by your Moesif account which means you’re able to save on cloud compute along with development time.