Server Troubleshooting Guide

Moesif server integrations can usually be installed in 15 minutes or less. If you don’t see your data show up in Moesif or experience issues, we recommend the following steps.

Some troubleshooting steps to follow and execute

1. Debug Mode

Every Moesif server integration has a debug option that can be leveraged to gain additional troubleshooting context into runtime exceptions. In Settings, the debug flag (a Boolean field) is set to true, the internal log messages are enabled to print.
Once collected, debug logs could be submitted to Moesif Support

For example,in the Node.js SDK, you can set the debug flag to true to enable debug logs.

2. Verify Network Connectivity

From your container or host, please verify if your API gateway or framework can connect to Moesif Collector API by executing a simple curl command curl -XGET “” and receiving a 200 OK response.

3. Network Firewall Whitelist

If you have verified your Moesif configuration, as mentioned in the previous troubleshooting step, and are still unable to connect to the Moesif Collector API, you may need to add some entries to your IP Whitelist.

If Moesif is not added to your Network Firewall Whitelist, certain requests may be blocked. This would result in no data being synced to Moesif. Please ensure that your network firewall white-lists the following URL for outgoing connections.

4. Check presence of conflicting middleware

If you’re using a Moesif server SDK and already have other instrumentation libraries, the two can conflict due to the way both instruments your application. This can happen if you have a custom exception handler or importing a commercial Application Performance Monitoring library. First, try to find the conflicting middleware by removing it or reordering it relative to the Moesif middleware. If the conflicting middleware is a commercial product, let our support team know and the version of the conflicting middleware.

5. Relevant information that could be supplied to Moesif

If you still experience persistent integration & connectivity issues, please collect the below details and supply them to Moesif for further investigation into the root cause.

  • Moesif SDK Name and Version.
  • Language Version.
  • Web Framework Version.
  • Infrastructure and OS.
  • Sample request made against your API including headers and body.