Getting Started with Moesif API Analytics

Why Moesif?

Moesif is the most advanced API debugging and analytics platform for production APIs such as RESTful, GraphQL, and other web APIs. It allows you to understand API related issues such as functional bugs, performance issues, and bad API design. Moesif prevents minor issues from becoming major outages through monitoring of your live API traffic for anomalies. The Moesif platform focuses on three core features:

  • API Debugging
  • API Monitoring
  • API Analytics

Who is Moesif for?

Moesif is designed for API developers and product managers of APIs such as public/open API with a developer community or partner APIs. In addition, applications that are architected around API-driven services or serverless functions can benefit deeply from Moesif’s insights.

What does Moesif support?

Moesif supports any web API which includes RESTful APIs, GraphQL APIs, RPC, etc. Moesif can work with any content type/encoding even gzip or binary formats such as PROTOBUF.

Binary (i.e. non JSON or XML) formats such as Protobuf and Thrift have some small limitations such as body schema is not detected. Schema definitions will be coming shortly as a feature.

Moesif supports traditional apps running on-premises or on cloud provider VM’s such AWS EC2 or Azure. Moesif also supports Serverless and BaaS platforms such as AWS Lambda and Azure Web Apps.

How does Moesif work?

Moesif is a fully managed SaaS service running on AWS and Azure. Moesif has open source SDKs and other integration methods to collect API data and events. That data is sent over to various Collection APIs we have around the world to be processed by Moesif. Almost like a reverse CDN.

What data does Moesif log and analyze?

Moesif logs and analyzes two entities, API Events, and Users.

API Events

An API Event or API Call includes all the attributes for a single HTTP request/response. This includes the request HTTP headers and body, the response headers and body, timing of the calls, the status code, etc. In addition to the standard attributes Moesif tracks, you can append any custom JSON metadata to any API events though our middleware.


A user is an end-user of your application. If you are an API provider, this may be your immediate customers or 3rd party developers consuming your API. If your serving a partner API, your users are your partners.

On the other hand if you are developing a mobile or web app, your end-users may be the end consumers of that app.

Like API events, a user contains attributes or properties related to that user which could include the user’s email, last name, or location information. You can add any custom metadata to a user as a JSON object. Users are identified via your user_id. Moesif attributes API events to each user account to make sorting through high volume APIs easy.


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