Introduction to User & Company Behavior

This guide assumes you are familiar with Users and Companies.

The User & Company Behavior panels allows you understand API usage across different cohorts, company demographics, acquisition channels etc. You can store demographics info and other useful information that enables you to drill down into a single customer account and see their API activity.

Moesif has two types of customer entities, users and companies.

For B2C APIs

If your API is B2C, a user is simply a single end user accessing the API. The company object can go unused since consumer facing products don’t have much of a reason to track company level usage.

For B2B and B2B2C APIs

If your API is for a B2B or B2B2C business, then it’s recommended to track company level usage in addition to individual users. Multiple users can be associated with the same company and enables an easy way to group API consumers under the same account.

User and Company Navigation