User/Company Lookup

This guide assumes you are familiar with User and Company Behavior already. If not, please review the Introduction to User and Company Behavior

The User/Company Lookup panel allows you to explore your end-users or companies you work with.

User and Company Lookup


Like API Analytics, you can filter on user fields such as your end-user’s name or email.

Predefined user fields

Besides the Moesif predefined fields, you can also filter on any custom fields that you set as part of the user custom metadata.

The Moesif predefined fields are marked with *

Filter Description
User Id If you need to bring up API calls for a specific end-user, you can enter the user id here. You should call identifyUser() in the appropriate SDK for this to be accurate.
Auth/Session Token Filter on any linked session token associated with the user. View identification of users
User Email Filter by user’s email after setting it in the user metadata
User Name Filter by user’s name after setting it in the user metadata
City, Region, Country These filters are for the last known location of the user via geo ip lookup
Timezone Last known timezone of the user via geo IP lookup
User Phone Filter by user’s phone number after setting it in the user metadata
User Agent, OS, Device These filters are for the last known User-Agent used by the client.
Modified Time The modified/updated time of the user profile such as updates from the management API
user.metadata.[field key] Custom fields set in the user metadata

Bookmarkable URLs

Similar to API Analytics, Moesif persists any active user search filters to the browser tab’s URL, so that you could pass the browser tab’s URL to your colleagues and they will see all the same filters that you have applied, without requiring them to re-enter filter parameters.

Change View/Analytic Type

Like in the API Analytics and Analytics, you can select different search views such as heatmap analysis, segment analysis, and table view via the top right selection.

In the table view, there are two links next to the userId: View Events and View User Profile.

View events

Viewing events will bring up the API history for the specific end-user. This can be very helpful if a member of your team receives a technical support to understand what the user was doing.

View user profile

To view a detailed user profile, click on the user’s id link in the search results table. Each user has a profile Moesif which has details on the last errors experienced by the user. You can store custom JSON metadata with a user profile such as your customer’s subscribed plan or social media links.