Moesif FAQ


Does Moesif sample or capture all requests

For self-service plans, Moesif captures all API requests. Enterprise plans can either enable our intelligent sampling feature or capture all requests depending on your requirements. For example, if you’re building high-volume APIs such as IoT or analytics APIs, you may want to enable intelligent sampling which is accessible under the Runtime Rules menu. Whereas if you’re building low-volume fintech/SaaS APIs, you may want to capture every transaction.

Cloud Proxy

What happens if the upstream service has an error?

If it’s a simple error such as 5xx or 4xx, that is relayed to the client. If there is no response due to timeout, host unreachable, etc, then Moesif will set a moesif_error JSON key to the response:

    "moesif_error": {
        "code": "cloud_proxy_error",
        "msg": " is an invalid or unknown host"

Valid error codes include bad_request, server_error, auth_error, cloud_proxy_error, not_found, forbidden. Specifically, cloud_proxy_error is set when Moesif has issues communicating with the upstream service such as timeout or unknown host.

What are the outgoing IP Addresses for Cloud Proxy?

If your original API is protected by IP address filtering, you will need to add the following to your whitelist:


How do I encode more URLs?

You can go to Installation under the top right menu when logged into the Moesif portal at any time. Then, click on Cloud Proxy/Gateway

I get SSL validation errors or URL validation errors.

If you encoded your URL before June 23, 2018, you are using a legacy version of our URL encoding which may have underscores in the URL. Some HTTP clients such as HttpClient in C# Mono will throw an exception when it tries to validate a URL that has an underscore.

To resolve, just go to Installation under the top right menu when logged into Moesif and re-encode your URL. Old URLs will continue to function even if you encode a new URL.

If still having issues, reach out to us


I am not receiving any alerts

Real-time alerting is available only on paid plans. In addition, Moesif looks at both current and historical data when deciding to send alerts. If you deployed a new endpoint, there may not be enough historical data to make a decision. Give it a day running in production first. If you still are having issues, feel free to email us or adjust the detection sensitivity. Also, ensure you have an active channel under Alert Settings.

I am receiving too many alerts

If a particular endpoint like GET /probe is noisy and generates many false alerts, you can add an explicit alert rule with 24 hrs as the maintenance window (i.e. always quiet) or increase the alert interval which will silence the route completely. If you just want to reduce the amount of alerts, take a look at adjusting the detection sensitivity.


I use Runscope, does this work with it?

Yes, we in fact have many customers complimenting the synthetic API testing and stimuli generation from Runscope with the real-time API monitoring and analytics from Moesif. Please review this guide for best practices.

Organizations and Team

What is the subscription owner?

The subscription owner is the person who is billed for the Moesif subscription and is the one who creates or manages the credit card on file. Other than managing the subscription/billing info, a subscription owner has no additional permissions.

By default, the creator of the organization is also the subscription owner, but this can be changed by emailing us.


What are API calls?

An API call is an individual business transaction on your API. It contains the HTTP request, response, payload, custom metadata, and other data associated with the transaction. If you create a batch of API calls containing N items, it will count for N API calls.

What is last N days data retained?

Moesif stores your data for a period determined by your plan. Upgrading your subscription will provide access to more historical data so you can query and analyze long-term trends.

What if I go over my monthly quota?

You will be charged à la carte rate of $100 per million API calls rounded up to the next million. We’ll also send you an email when you’re getting close to your event quota for the billing month.

How do I change or cancel my plan?

Go to the Subscription menu in your Moesif account or email us at

What payment options are there?

Automatic payments can be set up with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club and is processed through a PCI DSS compliant service. We also support Direct Debit/ACH and invoicing.

Are your SDKs open-source?

Yes, our SDKs are open-source and supports both public and internal APIs. They are available on GitHub. We also have an open REST API if the SDKs don’t fit your needs. More info is in our Developer Docs.

What does 14-day trial mean?

You’re not charged until after your plan’s trial period ends. If you change your mind or don’t like our service within 14 days, you can cancel and we won’t charge you.

Who owns my data?

You do. You retain ownership of all the data you send to your user account.