Scalable API Analytics Infrastructure

Moesif is built from the ground up to analyze a variety of modern APIs from GraphQL to REST and SOAP regardless of your environment. Our high bandwidth collection network ingests billions of API events from high volume APIs while maintaining single digit latencies.

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Supports Many Types of APIs Natively

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Already deployed an API Gateway? Prefer a one-line SDK installation? Running on AWS Lambda?

Moesif's SDKs and API gateway plugins take 20 minutes to integrate while providing advanced configuration.

Reliable data collection

  • Moesif’s collection network has points of presence across the globe that capture API event data from your servers and untrusted apps via a variety of integrations
  • Even if the Moesif collection network goes down, our SDKs are designed to not impact your app. Events will be sent after reconnecting.
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Zero maintenance

  • Moesif analyzes your API data for new insights without the overhead of
    on-premises deployment.
  • Our managed cloud service performs queries in less than a second with great uptime.
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Open platform

  • Need to create custom dashboards or export your data to other services? Moesif’s Management API gives you direct access to your analytics data.
  • Moesif connects with popular CRMs, marketing automation, bug tracking, alerting tools, and more.
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Enterprise grade

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