API Logs and Metrics

Observe and fix API issues quickly with high-cardinality, high-dimension API logs and metrics. Traditional log search is slow and unorganized while traditional time series metrics are sampled and does not have the deep context required to root cause complex problems.

Leverage Moesif's structured event-based data and wicked fast query engine to get deep real-time observability of your APIs and issues whether you're building REST, GraphQL or decentralized APIs.

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What kinds of API logs can Moesif do?

Answer any question affecting customer experience

Understand long term trends on API correctness and performance with a powerful query engine

With high-cardinality analytics, segment and aggregate billions of API calls by hundreds of parameters in less than a second.

Observe in heat maps view and switch to a HTTP waterfall chart to narrow your root cause search.

Answer any question affecting customer experience

Tail and debug issues in real-time

Tail and filter HTTP requests in real-time and inspect the HTTP payload.

Monitor for any future change to a chart with one click.

Create a tests to reproduce with one-click Run in Postman.

Tail and debug issues in real-time

Billions of API calls? Compliance risk? We got you

Send all data or dynamically sample your largest customers with just one click.

Easily handle GDPR/CCPA requests like right to erasure and right to object right from the UI without heavy engineering work.

Share reports with your customers by quickly creating a permalink.

Billions of API calls? Compliance risk? We got you

Integrate with your stack



Track customer usage across both web and API and build hyper-personalized experiences.



View API usage in your CRM and prioritize outreach for expansion and retention goals.



Get alerted on performance issues, changes in a customer's usage, and more.

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