HIPAA-Compliant API Analytics for HealthTech

Get visibility into API usage without compromising the security and privacy of health data. Provide metrics to customers to help them meet their business and compliance needs.

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HIPAA-Compliant API Analytics for HealthTech

Powerful API product analytics

With API analytics, answer critical business and engineering questions around your APIs needed to drive the right outcomes:

  • When a customer's API call volume increases or decreases
  • Where 400/500 errors occurred
  • Who might be abusing your platform either intentionally or unintentionally

Powerful API product analytics

Maintain HIPAA compliance

Let Moesif do the heavy lifting for your HIPAA compliance:

  • Gain the privacy benefits of on-premises installation without the cost of maintaining your own data infrastructure.
  • Deploy client-side encryption with customer-managed keys in a few minutes with Moesif's secure proxy image
  • Meet HIPAA's Privacy & Security Rules in case of audit

Maintain HIPAA compliance

Easily provide metrics to customers

Using white-label embedded dashboards, easily share insights with your customers:

  • Share metrics on API usage, SLAs, API logs, and more
  • Provide API monitoring directly to customers for their compliance requirements

Easily provide metrics to customers

How Moesif scales COVID tests with pVerify


By having data encrypted through the proxy, Moesif only deals with garbled strings of text. In my weekly vendor security audits when I’m asked ‘What are you guys doing with my data’, by having a secure proxy we’re completely secure. It’s a very unique thing.

Rob Dejournett

CTO & COO - pVerifySee Case Studies

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