Custom API Dashboards

Spending time recreating the same reports? Create a real-time dashboard and share with your team and managers to stay on top of the KPIs that matter most.

With Moesif, you can even sandbox data and securely share insights directly with customers and partners with one-click or embed right in your customer facing portal.

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What can you do with Custom Dashboards?

Track your API Metrics Daily

  • Create your personal daily dashboard in a snap with drag-and-drop charts.
  • Share with team members and management so everyone is on the same page.
  • Dashboards update in real-time so never worry about looking at stale data.
customize dahsboard

Securely share with partners and customers

  • Share specific datasets with key customers during troubleshooting with one click.
  • Sandbox data based on a specific user_id, company_id, timeframe, and more.
  • White-labeling enables you to show off your company brand with external customers.
securely share with stakeholders

Create a custom developer portal

  • Build on Moesif’s workspace APIs to create a full custom look for your customers
  • Surface API debug log, plan usage, and more to ensure customers integrate your platform easily.
  • Quickly add tooltips and guidance with integrations like Pendo to improve your developer experience
create custom developer portal

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