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How Flowcode Transitioned to API-First Through API Monetization

Moesif was a pretty neat solution that already existed. Sharing it internally with our team, we thought it made sense and was an actionable answer to our observability issue.

Johnny Driscoll, Product Manager, Flowcode

How NexHealth Monetize APIs with Usage-Based API Billing and Moesif

We were soon able to start billing our customers for the API usage and it quickly became a revenue generator for us.

Paul Fung, GM of Developer APIs, NexHealth

Accelerated Time to Customer Insights by Over 100X

Moesif really added a lot of value to our planning process and enabled us to understand which places we wanted to grow within our company. To not just grow our data, but also understand the dynamics so that we can grow as an organization all around.

Lauren Kreisberg, Vice President of Product Management, SalesIntel

How Oxolo Scaled API Analytics for Generative AI-based Media

We found Moesif early on in the discovery process, and found the integration with our existing solution was so incredibly easy. Honestly, we didn't bother searching for other providers. The barrier of entry for Moesif was so low and the value was so great, there was just no reason to find an alternative.

Dr. Oliver Borchers, CTO, Oxolo

How Pronto CX Never Loses a Customer

Churn is something I want to proactively avoid. By using Moesif to monitor API usage I'm able to gain customer insights and identify situations where we can intervene to help both our customers and Pronto be successful.

Conrad Caplin, Co-founder, Pronto CX

pVerify Deploys Moesif HIPAA-Compliant API Analytics for COVID Testing

It’s completely pointless if you cannot pass your analytics data onto your clients. Embedded dashboards solved that for us.

Rob Dejournett, CTO & COO, pVerify

Sophisticated API Analytics for Customer Success Teams

Reloadly’s customer success people found Moesif to be super easy to use, to stand-up dashboards on their own, put in the filters they wanted and analyse events, all without any hand holding from engineering.

Arun Patra, Chief Architect, Reloadly Refines Product Strategy and Enhances Developer Experience with Moesif

Moesif is front and center to help us guide with activation and retention parameters which are critical.

Surbhi Rathore, CEO & Co-founder,

Tallyfy measures adoption of integration partners at the edge with Moesif

The real goal for us is to get an overall picture of user activity from many different platforms. Tools like Mixpanel didn't really solve the problem around user events for us. We now have a traceable log and audit trail of all usage of our API, from any channel.

Amit Kothari, CEO, Tallyfy

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