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Moesif is front and center to help us guide with activation and retention parameters which are critical

Surbhi Rathore, CEO & Co-founder,

pVerify Deploys Moesif HIPAA-Compliant API Analytics for COVID Testing

By having data encrypted through the proxy, Moesif only deals with garbled strings of text.

Rob Dejournett, CTO & COO, pVerify

Trulioo drives more customers to integrate with their API successfully with Moesif

It's great that we get thirty or so new enterprise clients, we can hire more account managers, not a big deal. But if we want to have thousands of new customers, that process won’t scale anymore.

Marat Asadurian, Manager of Software Engineering

Radar accelerates the launch of their developer-first platform with Moesif

Moesif is leveraged by teams around the company, from engineering to product to sales to customer success, to give every part of the business visibility into customer API usage, helping us ship new API products with speed and confidence.

Nick Patrick, CEO

ShipEngine accelerates developer adoption with Moesif's API Analytics Platform

A lot of the built in reports that you have are exactly the kind of product questions that an API product company is going to want.

James Messinger, Director of Developer Experience

Rev analyzes API usage patterns to build APIs developers love

To see if an issue exhibits certain patterns, I'll turn to Moesif. There were really no other services we found that offer this kind of feature set.

Dan Kokotov, VP of Engineering

Tallyfy measures adoption of integration partners at the edge with Moesif

The real goal for us is to get an overall picture of user activity from many different platforms. Tools like Mixpanel didn't really solve the problem around user events for us. We now have a traceable log and audit trail of all usage of our API, from any channel.

Amit Kothari, CEO

How Prodigy stays informed of new issues on their mobile API

Marty Hu, the CTO of Prodigy, was looking for a solution to alert them of any anomalies that occur with their mobile APIs in real-time and to gain deeper visibility into the API traffic for easier debugging.

Basepair improves API performance with API observability

Basepair was looking for a solution that could track both the performance and also errors of the API. Basepair integrated Moesif's update_user() API to ensure API calls are attributed to each customer profile including email and name.

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