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SalesIntel is a leader in B2B sales intelligence, providing account and contact data and research services that strengthen SaaS organizations’ relationships with their prospects. They are a full-funnel Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution for sales, marketing and revops teams to quantify their TAM, identify their ICP, know which of their target accounts are in the market right now, and ultimately initiate contact with high value leads. SalesIntel enables their users to fill their pipeline through a variety of revenue generation channels, making sure every customer has the data that they need to be successful.

DaaS is an industry where proprietary data sets are made available to customers. SalesIntel combines automation with researchers, which has led them to have the highest quality account and contact data available, especially human-verified mobile numbers, in the industry. SalesIntel helps their customers keep their CRM accurate, targeted, and engaged with rich data.

Data as a Service (DaaS) refers to the delivery of data over the internet as a fully managed service. This service provides access to a wide range of data sets, such as financial, demographic, or geographical information, in a scalable, secure, and cost-effective way. The data is typically hosted and managed by a third-party provider, who is responsible for collecting, cleaning, and organizing the data. Customers can access and use the data through APIs or other web-based interfaces, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure or data management tasks.

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SalesIntel’s platform is constructed around a search engine accessing their large, proprietary database. Sales,marketing and revenue operations professionals enter queries into the search engine, set various filters, and then SalesIntel delivers the relevant contact information pertaining to the query.

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Their Head of Product, Lauren Kreisberg, needed to get business insights into the volume, type and source of queries being made. As product lead, she needed deep insights into how her product was being used. She already had qualitative perspectives from person to person channels, but wanted to know in detail which areas were garnering the most interest and where the gaps in the database might be. It fell on Lauren to figure out how to gain the insights needed for the sake of data development and resource allocation. She knew that building an analytics platform was not reasonable for their engineering team. It was during this frustrating time that Lauren luckily received an email from Moesif explaining how they could solve her exact issue.

She needed a way to aggregate which filters and what content were being used in order to more intelligently grow the platform. In addition, SalesIntel has a number of clients interested in data on a day-to-day basis, so wanted to be able to offer that visibility to their customers as well. Prior to trying Moesif, SalesIntel relied on anecdotes, and qualitative input from their Customer Support team. However, they were missing information on data that they didn’t currently offer. They wanted a way to evaluate their data to answer the most important gap - where was SalesIntel falling short for their clients?

To deploy the company’s internal research professionals more efficiently, SalesIntel needed to focus on the most popular customer queries, surfacing and validating new, relevant data. When Moesif contacted SalesIntel via an outbound email, Lauren responded by asking if the level of global visibility into their platform was feasible with Moesif.

...And so that initiative came to me as Head of Product. This was vital for our data development and to make sure that we put all of our resources in the right place. We want to go after the data that people actually want to consume as we build our platform.

Lauren Kreisberg, Vice President of Product Management, SalesIntel

Although she rarely responds to cold email outreach, this time Lauren saw the potential in what Moesif was offering. Luckily she replied and was pleasantly surprised that we could immediately help her out. It was definitely true in this case that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Moesif allows you to aggregate data and build custom filters and views, allowing companies like SalesIntel to quickly get a complete picture of not only what goes on over their APIs but who is taking actions and how.


SalesIntel had used another product to do something similar in the past, so Lauren asked them if they could provide the deeper insights SalesIntel was now looking for. The vendor promised the abilities that they needed, but it was not capable enough. The analytics tool didn’t have the flexibility to give SalesIntel the insights that they needed, leaving the leadership team frustrated.

Prior to Moesif, SalesIntel would take multiple days to get “next best” data for their analysis, not including implementing insights found. By integrating Moesif into their tech stack, SalesIntel is able to run monthly reporting in under 5 minutes, down from a whole day on non-standard frequency. The data that SalesIntel gets from Moesif both better meets their needs and saves them time, giving them reason to access it more frequently.

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Parsing search queries over an internal API:

When a search query is made by SalesIntel’s customers, it’s passed over their internal API to an elasticsearch cluster. Moesif’s deep analytics engine parses the payloads of those API call/response pairs and is configured to give statistical analysis on the parameters that Lauren and her team care most about.

Moesif aggregates the parsed data and visualizes it in dashboards shared across the company.

As we were going through this process of understanding, it was really an ‘Oh, wow! We can see everything here’ moment. We realized ‘Well, if we can see everything, we can aggregate it.

Lauren Kreisberg, Vice President of Product Management, SalesIntel
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Usage-based billing:

After initially meeting with Moesif and watching a demo, SalesIntel realized that there was more value that Moesif could provide. By finding mutually beneficial business terms for their platform clients, SalesIntel could provide more value to their customers. Some of the clients that SalesIntel has are more like partners who access their data as part of their own products.

Because these partners access data over SalesIntel’s APIs, there are times where it makes sense to provide those partners with business terms for their API use. In order to accurately quantify their usage and assess rates to charge them, SalesIntel wanted to base pricing on the characteristics of queries or data. In order to do this, though, they needed global account visibility, something that Moesif was able to offer.

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Deep insights for DaaS:

Currently, SalesIntel’s primary users of Moesif are their technical leadership. In particular, the Head of Product and VP of Research. They use Moesif to surface data and share it across their leadership team in addition to its primary use of observing API calls (and the parameters their users set). By examining their current user’s real queries, SalesIntel is able to more precisely refine their research and data, making their services more targeted and relevant to their customers.

Moesif really added a lot of value to our planning process and enabled us to understand which places we wanted to grow within our company. To not just grow our data, but also understand the dynamics so that we can grow as an organization all around.

Lauren Kreisberg, Vice President of Product Management, SalesIntel

With Moesif, SalesIntel is able to get one step closer to having full data observability in their platform. They now have more confidence in the freshness and quality of what they’re offering their customers.


SalesIntel was growing but had a data visibility problem. They needed better insight into the kinds of data that their customers found most valuable. In order to scale their data more efficiently, they needed data-driven direction to allocate their internal researchers. With Moesif, SalesIntel was able to improve their datasets 100x faster than using their existing workflow.


SalesIntel is, at its heart, a data company. They have developed a SaaS platform which consists of both a web application and an API platform for delivering data to their customers. The types of data pulled from their database consists of a wide variety of account intelligence, such as firmographics, intent, technographics, and more to help their customers refine their ICP.

Lauren KreisbergLauren Kreisberg
Vice President of Product Management, SalesIntel

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