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Monitor Mobile & Web APIs

Even with the growth of JAMStack and Single Page Apps, most monitoring remains designed for traditional websites and hasn’t caught up to the API-first era. Leverage Moesif to identify and understand API issues impacting your web and mobile experience even if no exceptions are logged.

With so much data flowing over your APIs, unlock it for deep business insights to create a better product strategy while keeping API threats out.

Monitor Mobile & Web APIs

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I learned more about users abusing our APIs in ten minutes with Moesif than I had in a couple days of messing with logs in kibana.


Taylor Robison

Director of Engineering and Architecture

Debug API issues quickly

Tail and filter API calls in real-time and inspect the full payload.

Inspect and aggregate API calls by HTTP headers, body fields, and more in milliseconds.

Create any custom metric to track and monitor with our advanced query engine

Debug API issues quickly

Monitor for issues impacting customers

Stay informed of API performance issues and anomalies with alerts through PagerDuty, Slack, and more

Leverage advanced anomaly detection to detect abnormal API behavior that logs don’t catch

Track user-level health, not just errors to discover which users have bad experiences

Monitor for issues impacting customers

Deeply understand user behaviors

Gain deep insights into the requests and data that customers are accessing

Deeply understand user behavior and to the individual customer level

Connect to tools like Segment and HubSpot to fully understand the user journey

Deeply understand user behaviors

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