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Built by API developers for API developers

Built by API developers for API developers

We built the most advanced API Analytics service helping everyone at API-driven organizations learn from their API data and make smarter decisions that drive growth. Thousands of product-led teams use Moesif to really understand how their customers and partners use their APIs and to automate the debugging of customer issues.

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things

Computer Science Pioneer

Phil Karlton

Computer Science Pioneer

Why the name Moesif?

Caching is one of the hardest things in computer science besides naming things (very meta). Derric, the CEO, worked on a CPU caching protocol called MESIF for Intel's Xeon Phi. AMD has a similar caching protocol called MOESI. The two protocols can be combined to create a new protocol called MOESIF named after the cache states Modified, Owned, Exclusive, Shared, Invalid, Forward. Also, we want a name that can be personified as we believe any team member whether engineering or sales can turn to Moesif to answer any questions he or she may have. Ultimately, Moesif as a name inspires us to solve hard problems.

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