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API Engineering

Leverage customer-centric API analytics to discover issues impacting your product experience. Drill into what a user did with your API and why their experience suffered without spending hours in manual log search.

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What kinds of engineering questions can Moesif API Analytics answer?

Get a full picture of customer behavior

Gain long-term trends in user behavior and feature adoption.

Understand performance issues and outliers impacting key customers.

Pinpoint why users don't adopt your platform with funnel and retention analysis.

get full picture of APIs

Debug issues quickly with high-cardinality analytics

Segment and aggregate billions of API calls in less than a second.

Tail API logs and create filtered views in a few clicks.

Drill into specific users having a bad or abnormal product experience.

automatic debugging

Get alerted when API problems surface

Stay informed of API issues with alerts through PagerDuty, Slack, and more

Create a real-time monitor on any dashboard with one click.

Monitor account health and product issues, not just API errors

alert for API problems

Instill a data-driven culture with self-serve analytics

accelerate team API workflow

Moesif is a part of my daily flow giving me important insight into our API as well as the consumers of our API.

Jonathan Pickett

Lead Engineer - Praetorian DigitalSee Case Studies

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