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API Engineering

Be a data-driven API architect and make the right engineering decisions that benefit your customers. Gain high-resolution visibility into your API usage. Reduce time to root cause functional and performance API issues while preventing new ones from impacting your customers.

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Measure Everything

Track impact of engineering changes to your API changes with high-cardinality analytics.

Automate Debugging

Quickly get a root cause when your API metrics drop.

Monitor User Transactions

Get alerted of hidden API issues that synthetic pings don’t catch.

What kinds of engineering questions can Moesif API Analytics answer?

Get the full picture of what’s going on

  • Get high level functional and performance trends of your API usage with heat maps, time series, and segmentation charts.
  • Measure impact of new releases and dig into differences between live vs test traffic.
  • Inspect problematic API calls with real-time streams and replay them in Postman.
get full picture of APIs

Automate debugging issues with powerful ML features

  • Use SmartDiff to find the hidden needle in the haystack faster than manual regex and hours of trial and error.
  • Dig into why and how new issues surface with powerful analytics.
automatic debugging

Get alerted when API problems surface

  • Get PagerDuty and Slack alerts of hidden API issues with anomaly detection.
  • Automatically correlate and filter the noise to avoid alert fatigue.
  • Configure alert rules the way you want with regex filters and more.
alert for API problems

Don’t change your team's workflow, accelerate it

accelerate team API workflow

  • Share workspaces with the rest of your team and replay problematic API calls in Postman with one click.
  • Connect Moesif to tools you already use like PagerDuty, Slack, and Jira.

Moesif is a part of my daily flow giving me important insight into our API as well as the consumers of our API.

Jonathan Pickett, Lead Engineer - Praetorian Digital


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