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API Product Management

Build better product experiences with real-time insights into API usage and customer behavior. Leverage API analytics to track how customers adopt your platform and invest in the right product and growth initiatives.

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What kinds of product questions can Moesif API Analytics answer?

Deeply understand user behavior

Gain long-term trends in how your APIs and products are used.

Drill into users having an underperforming customer experience.

Check customer impact before introducing breaking changes.

understand customer behavior

Measure and improve platform adoption

Pinpoint where new users drop off in your conversion funnel.

Analyze and improve Time to First Hello World (TTFHW) metrics.

Discover signals that lead to loyal customers with cohort retention analysis.

adoption struggle

Share KPIs with key stakeholders

Create your own daily dashboard with drag-and-drop charts.

Share key insights with the right stakeholders to drive results.

White-label and embed key SLA metrics in your customer facing dashboards.

share charts

Monitor for issues impacting customers

smart monitoring

  • Get PagerDuty and Slack alerts when API metrics rise or fall.
  • Know when key API flows are used incorrectly.
  • Automatically nudge your customers before they churn.

The real goal for us is to get an overall picture of user activity from many different platforms. Tools like Mixpanel didn't really solve the problem around user events for us. We now have a traceable log and audit trail of all usage of our API, from any channel.

Amit Kothari

CEO - TallyfySee Case Studies

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