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API Product Management

Build better platforms with instant, meaningful insights into your APIs and customers. Track the entire journey of how customers adopt your APIs while supporting product issues. Make smarter decisions that improve customer growth and retention.

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Track your API MAU and know which features lead to higher API retention.


Find the hidden reasons why customers are not adopting your APIs.

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Follow up with customers before they churn.

What kinds of product questions can Moesif API Analytics answer?

Understand what your most valuable customers do

  • Segment and visualize trends in your API usage and what customers query for.
  • Compare how your best customers use your API differently than customers who churn with cohort analysis.
  • Know the impact of breaking changes to your customers.

Discover issues in your integration funnel stalling growth

  • Pinpoint where developers drop off in your integration funnel and how to increase successful integrations.
  • Zoom in on a single user’s API activity and issues they have.
  • Dig into which acquisition channels lead to long term customers with cohort retention analysis.
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Share KPIs with key stakeholders

  • Create your own daily dashboard with drag-and-drop charts.
  • Share key insights with the right stakeholders to drive action.
  • White-label and embed helpful dashboards in your customer facing portal.
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Monitor for specific API behavior

smart monitoring

  • Get PagerDuty and Slack alerts when API KPIs rise or fall.
  • Know when API flows are used incorrectly.
  • Automatically nudge your customers before they churn.

The real goal for us is to get an overall picture of user activity from many different platforms. Tools like Mixpanel didn't really solve the problem around user events for us. We now have a traceable log and audit trail of all usage of our API, from any channel.

Amit Kothari, CEO - Tallyfy


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