API Monitoring

With Moesif's user-centric approach, monitor end-to-end customer experience and get alerted when individual customers are running into functional and performance issues with your API.

According to Gartner, 80% of customers will stop using an API because it was "too buggy". Don't risk churning customers because your only relying on synthetic pings every five minutes. Instead, leverage Moesif's advanced anomaly detection algorithms to detect unknown unknowns and leading indicators of churn.

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What kinds of API Monitoring can Moesif do?

Stay informed of anomalies and performance issues

Create sophisticated real-time alerts on any chart in Moesif with one click.

Validate API requests such as for a missing payload field or an incorrect HTTP header.

Leverage API RUM (Real User Monitoring) to continuously learn what is normal API behavior and when it's misbehaving.

Stay informed of anomalies and performance issues

Monitor customer health, not just infrastructure

Identify which customers are running issues with your API or had a bad customer experience.

Get periodic reports on which customers are at risk of churning or have low API usage.

Root cause why customer's don't come back with advanced features like cohort retention analysis.

Monitor customer health, not just infrastructure

Accelerate your existing workflows

Moesif correlation engine and rating system adapts to consolidate alerts and filters uninteresting ones.

View beautiful notifications with rich context in your favorite tools like PagerDuty and Slack.

Connect to tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk for a customer-driven approach to customer success.

Accelerate your existing workflows

Build your custom dashboard for the API metrics that matter


Ensure all stakeholders stay informed with internal and customer-facing dashboards.

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