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API Monitoring and Observability

Monitor end-to-end user experience and automatically get alerted on API performance issues, security threats, and more.

Unlike synthetic pings, Moesif's user-centric API observability tracks how your actual users experience your APIs and applications with automatic instrumentation that installs in minutes while leveraging advanced anomaly detection to detect unknown unknowns.

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What can Moesif API Monitoring and Observability do for you?


We were able to confidently launch these APIs sooner than we could have otherwise, because we had adopted Moesif. We just didn't have to think through all of the alert and monitoring, when it came to tracking usage and adoption around the API. We were able to have the product manager’s view of adoption & retention dashboards right off the bat.

Nick Patrick

CEO - RadarSee Case Studies

Get notified of API issues and threats

Create real-time alert rules on any chart in Moesif with one click, even high-dimensional alerts.

Set custom thresholds or leverage Moesif's anomaly detection to detect unknown unknowns.

Validate any field such as missing body fields or an incorrect HTTP header.

Get notified of API issues and threats

Monitor user health and reduce risk

Leverage API RUM (Real User Monitoring) to get notified when users run into issues or a bad customer experience.

Identify who is abusing your API or unintentionally put your API at risk.

Automatically take action like send the user a warning email or block them temporarily.

Monitor user health and reduce risk

Accelerate your existing workflows

Moesif's correlation engine and rating system adapts to consolidate multiple alerts and filter uninteresting ones.

Receive beautiful notifications with rich context in your favorite tools like PagerDuty and Slack.

Connect to tools like Salesforce and Hubspot for a data-driven approach to customer success.

Accelerate your existing workflows

Monitor the API metrics that matter

Custom Dashboard

Move beyond infrastructure monitoring and track the metrics that matter for your products

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