Moesif’s PagerDuty Integration

PagerDuty + Moesif Integration Benefits

  • Notify on-call responders about API functional and performance issues that are affecting customers
  • Utilize PagerDuty’s routing and escalation rules in sync with Moesif alerts

How it Works

Alerts that are invoked in Moesif will be routed to PagerDuty to take advantage of the routing and escalation rules you have configured. Each alert that is sent to PagerDuty creates a new PagerDuty issue with the relevant details from the alert. Once the issue is created in PagerDuty, it must be manually resolved as Moesif does not resolve it automatically.


PagerDuty integrations require an Global Admin base role for account authorization. If you do not have this role, please reach out to an Admin or Account Owner within your organization to configure the integration.


If you need help with this integration, please contact [].

Integration Walkthrough

In PagerDuty

In order for the PagerDuty and Moesif integration to work, you should have at least 1 service created. No configuration outside of this is needed in PagerDuty, simply follow the In Moesif instructions below to complete the integration.

In Moesif

  • Log into your Moesif account.
  • Go to Alert Rules in the left-side menu to bring up the alert rules and channels.
  • Click on + Channel in the top right of the screen and select the channel type to PagerDuty. PagerDuty Moesif alerting set up
  • Click on Connect with PagerDuty button. You will be redirected to PagerDuty’s website to authorize the Moesif application.

After authorization, you can optionally click on the Trigger button to send a test alert.

PagerDuty Moesif authorization

  • Choose the services that you would like Moesif alerts to post issues to and click Connect. PagerDuty Moesif choose service

  • After creating the PagerDuty channel, You will have the option to select your newly created PagerDuty Channel when creating or updating an alert configuration in Moesif.

Optional Step: Verify Your Integration by Sending a Test Alert

  • Open up the channel details by click on the edit button. PagerDuty Moesif test channel
  • Click on send test alert. PagerDuty Moesif test channel

How to Uninstall

To uninstall the Moesif integration, simply delete the Channel using PagerDuty in Moesif. In PagerDuty, navigate to to the Services page and select the service(s) that you have integrated with Moesif. Click on Integrations, click on the settings button on the Moesif entry. Once in the Moesif integration page, click Delete Integration to delete the PagerDuty and Moesif integration from PagerDuty.