API Monitoring and Analytics

Deep visibility into your live API traffic and usage

automatic API monitoring

Why API Analytics?

Whether you want to understand how developers use your API, know why certain errors occur, or be notified of hidden issues before your customers see them, API Analytics can help you ensure your API is a success.

Deliver amazing applications and APIs with deep insights

Thousands of developers process billions of API calls through Moesif for debugging, monitoring and understanding usage.

Flexible Platform

Native support for GraphQL, RESTful, JSON-RPC, and Ethereum Web3 APIs

Enterprise Grade

Designed with security and high availability in mind

Powerful Usage Analytics

Understand exactly how customers use your API, and discover some surprises

Smart Root Cause

Root cause issues quickly with features like SmartDiff

Automatic Detection

Detect abnormal API behavior using ML without heavy configuration

Intelligent Alerts

Receive only relevant alerts with the right visuals to take action

Open-sourced middleware and SDKs for the languages you love

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// Node.js Express.js Moesif Installation
var express = require('express');
var app = express();

var moesifExpress = require('moesif-express');

var moesif = moesifExpress({applicationId: 'your app id'});


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