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automatic API monitoring and analytics

Over 2,000 data-driven organizations are supporting their API strategy through Moesif API Analytics

We help businesses build better APIs and platforms


API Product Analytics

Understand which APIs are being used and which customers use them the most

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User Behavioral Analytics

Improve great product experiences with cohort retention analysis & segmentation


Smart Product Alerts

Receive alerts when a new API change impacts your KPIs with smart anomaly detection

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Integrate in Minutes

Native support for GraphQL, RESTful, JSON-RPC, and Ethereum Web3 APIs


Developer Success and Support

Dig into customer's API activity and resolve issues faster


Enterprise Grade

Designed with security and scalability for high throughput APIs

Instrument your entire API in minutes

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// Moesif Node.js Installation
var express = require('express');
var app = express();

var moesifExpress = require('moesif-express');
var moesif = moesifExpress({applicationId: 'your app id'});

// Enable the middleware

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Why API Analytics?

  • Create an awesome developer experience by shortening feedback loops
  • Reduce time-to-debug functional and product API issues to minutes
  • Monitor for hidden API issues impacting platform adoption
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