API Security

Your API is the gateway to your data, yet API traffic looks like bot traffic which means traditional protection from web application firewalls (WAF), browser fingerprinting, and annoying Captchas won’t work. Leverage user behavior analytics to discover API security vulnerabilities and spot suspicious users before data is leaked.

Reduce not only your own security risk, but also reduce your customers’ security risk. Keep them informed when they’re using an insecure implementation or vulnerable design.

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API Security

What kinds of API security questions can Moesif API Analytics answer?

Identify security vulnerabilities

Understand API usage by countries, user agents, IP addresses, and more.

Validate query parameters, payload data, and authentication/authorization schemes.

Lower privacy and compliance risk with audit logs of all API accesses.

Identify security vulnerabilities

Spot suspicious users

Spot users with suspicious behaviors and track repeat offenders.

Identify users using a vulnerable or insecure implementation.

Stay informed when users hit their resource quotas and rate limits.

Spot suspicious users

Continuously monitor for anomalous behavior

Leverage anomaly detection to catch unknown unknowns that security scans miss.

Set up sophisticated alert rules and security checks in a few clicks.

Send alerts to PagerDuty, Slack, and more.

Continuously monitor for anomalous behavior

Monitor your APIs with pre built and custom dashboards

accelerate team API workflow


I learned more about users abusing our APIs in ten minutes with Moesif than I had in a couple days of messing with logs in kibana.

Taylor Robison

Engineer - Ware2GoSee Case Studies

Integrate with your analytics stack



Track customer usage across both web and API and build hyper-personalized experiences.



View API usage in your CRM and prioritize outreach for expansion and retention goals.



Get alerted on performance issues, changes in a customer's usage, and more.

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