Customer Success and Support

Ensure new customers integrate successfully and support them better when issues come up. Monitor which accounts have low platform usage and at risk of churning. Get alerted when certain accounts exceed their quota and ready for an upsell.

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Customer Success and Support

What kinds of customer questions can Moesif API Analytics answer?

Monitor account health

Gain a full picture of user and company-level usage.

Track which customers recently integrated or why they didn't.

Get alerted when key accounts are ready for an upsell or at risk of churn.

Monitor account health

Create real-time dashboards without SQL

Instill a data-driven culture throughout customer success.

Create dashboards to monitor API usage and account health.

Share key metrics and SLAs directly with customers while adding your custom branding.

Create real-time dashboards without SQL

Quickly resolve integration issues

Drill into how an individual customer used your APIs and where they got stuck.

Understand common patterns creating a bad customer experience.

Connect to tools like Salesforce and Zendesk to sync platform usage and more.

Quickly resolve integration issues

Integrate with your stack



Track customer usage across both web and API and build hyper-personalized experiences.



View platform adoption in your CRM and prioritize outreach to key cohorts.



Get alerted on performance issues, changes in a customer's usage, and more.

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