Moesif for Customer Success and Support

Ensure new customers integrate successfully and support them better when issues come up. Monitor which accounts have low platform usage and at risk of churning. Get alerted when certain accounts exceed their quota and ready for an upsell.

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Moesif for Customer Success and Support

What kinds of customer questions can Moesif API Analytics answer?


The real goal for us is to get an overall picture of user activity from many different platforms. Tools like Mixpanel didn't really solve the problem around user events for us. We now have a traceable log and audit trail of all usage of our API, from any channel.

Amit Kothari

CEO - TallyfySee Case Studies

Monitor account health

Gain a full picture of user and company-level API usage.

Track which customers recently integrated or why they didn't.

Get alerted when key accounts are ready for an upsell or at risk of churn.

Monitor account health

Guide customers at scale

Automatically reach out to customers at risk with user behavioral emails.

Segment customers by API usage, demographic info, and more.

Share key metrics and SLAs directly with customers with embedded charts.

Guide customers at scale

Quickly resolve integration issues

Drill into the exact API traffic a customer made and where they got stuck.

Understand common patterns causing customer API issues.

Connect to tools like Salesforce and Zendesk to sync API usage and more.

Quickly resolve integration issues

Supercharge customer success with self-serve analytics

smart monitoring

Track your customer journey with pre built dashboards or create your own.

Get PagerDuty and Slack alerts when key metrics rise or fall.

Integrate with the your current sales and customer success tools



Track usage across both web and API products and guide customers better.



View trial usage in your CRM and prioritize outreach for expansion and retention goals.



Get alerted on performance issues, security threats, and more.

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