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Track Your API Platform

Get a complete picture of your own API platform and understand API usage that's driving the most business growth. Know which API features are adopted by power users in your developer community while gaining visibility to solve integration issues causing churn.

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Know what your most valuable customers and developers are doing with your APIs differently.


Find new hidden insights and long-term trends that improve your API metrics.


Receive alerts on hidden anomalies hindering customer adoption.

What can Moesif answer about your API platform?

Understand how customers use your APIs

  • Identify which cohorts of companies integrate your API quickly and why they’re your best customers.
  • Sync data in tools like Zendesk and Salesforce to get context into a single customer's activity within your team's current stack.
  • Quickly get a report of all customers effected by an upcoming feature deprecation or update.
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Discover insights that drive growth

  • Analyze API usage via heat maps, time series, and segmentation charts.
  • Compare which API features your most loyal customers are using and how they’re using them differently.
  • Discover hidden reasons slowing API adoption with sophisticated cohort retention analysis.
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Share KPIs with your entire team

  • Track key metrics like API MAU, endpoint usage, and acquisition channel driving integrations.
  • Securely share dashboards with external customers and partners that help them work with your APIs.
  • Get a daily digest of new sign ups that need help with their integration to improve conversion rates.
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Monitor for points of friction in your developer funnel

  • Identify for new accounts with a large increase or dip in API activity
  • Receive alerts on changes in your KPIs with smart anomaly detection.
  • Stay informed when developers are experiencing issues hindering adoption.
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Instrument in minutes with SDKS for popular languages and API Gateways

moesif integration sdks

To see if an issue exhibits certain patterns, I'll turn to Moesif. There were really no other services we found that offer this kind of feature set.

Dan Kokotov, VP of Engineering -


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