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Implementation Overview

Designed specifically to understand and monetize API products. Low maintenance overhead that installs in minutes while providing privacy features like client-side encryption.

Monitor API Calls

Install a server integration to automatically monitor API traffic.

Configure your server integration to Identify the user id and/or company id

Leverage dynamic sampling to collect only what you need based on user behavior or regex rules

Monitor API Calls

Import Customer Data in Moesif

Add a client integration like moesif-browser-js or a customer data platform (CDP) to stream customer activity to Moesif.

Connect Moesif to your billing provider like Stripe to import business data.

Moesif will automatically stitch together web activity and API usage using the user id or company id.

Import Customer Data in Moesif

Model Customer Behavior

Moesif stores two types of events (API Calls & UI Actions) and two type of entities (Users & Companies).

Track actions that a customer makes within your UI, even if not on the API.

Create custom usage reports or complex billing meters using event metadata.

Model Customer Behavior

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Many of Moesif's customers have a growing developer community. Having the right product analytics is critical to understand developer adoption and API usage.

Yes. You can track actions using the Moesif actions API like "Singed Up" or "Processed Video". Actions can even have event metadata for use in billing meters just like API Calls.

Yes, our integrations supports on-premises APIs. They don't open any ports and support a local relay if your app can't access the internet.

Self-service plans can implement the skip function in the Moesif SDK options. Enterprise plans can sample traffic based on user behavior, regex and more with a few clicks using dynamic sampling.

No, our integrations capture data asynchronously to your API traffic and leverages queueing/batching to ensure no impact. Review our scalable architecture for more info.

Yes, our SDKs and API gateway plugins are open-source. They are available on GitHub. We also have an open REST API if the SDKs don't fit your needs. More info is in our Developer Docs.

Moesif designed with enterprise security and compliance in mind. For super sensitive data, contact sales for more info on our enterprise offerings for on-premises client-side encryption.

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