GraphQL Analytics

Get deep visibility into your GraphQL API usage while monitoring for performance and functional issues hindering customer adoption. Uncover trends that lead to higher customer engagement and retention with features like segmentation and cohort retention analysis.

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GraphQL Analytics

What kinds of questions can GraphQL Analytics answer?

Track GraphQL usage patterns that drive growth

Get the full picture of your GraphQL users heat maps, time series, and segmentation charts.

Analyze how your most loyal customers use your GraphQL API differently than your least value customers.

Improve your GraphQL experience and customer retention with data-driven decisions.

GraphQL Analytics

Accelerate debugging GraphQL issues

Aggregate millions of GraphQL operations by user email, operation name, selected variables, or even the entity fetched.

Use ML powered features like SmartDiff to find correlations causing specific GraphQL issues.

Reproduce failing GraphQL queries quickly with Run in Postman

GraphQL Debugging

Smart GraphQL Monitoring

Don’t just monitor a single POST /graphql probe, Moesif continuously learns from your GraphQL queries to understand when a specific one is failing.

Receive detailed graphics to make a quick decision on API health.

Configure rules they way you want so key GraphQL failures are routed to the appropriate person.

GraphQL Monitoring

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