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What are API calls?

An API call is a completed transaction on your API and includes both the request, response, payload, along with any custom event metadata. If you leverage Moesif's batch API, creating a batch of N API calls will count for N API calls.

What is last N days data retained?

Moesif stores your data for a period determined by your plan. Upgrading your subscription will provide access to more historical data so you can query and analyze long-term trends.

What if I go over my monthly quota?

How do I change or cancel my plan?

Go to the Subscription menu in your Moesif account or email us at

How do I estimate my plan usage?

What payment options are there?

Automatic payments can be set up with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, JCB and Diners Club through our PCI DSS compliant service. Moesif also supports wire transfers and Direct Debit/ACH.

What kind of billing you support?

For enterprise accounts, we support flexible billing terms with consolidated billing, flexible contract lengths, and quota limits per department. Contact sales for more info.

Who owns my data?

You do. You retain ownership of all your data and we never resell your data.