Getting Started

Get Started with API Development with beginner’s api-guide and tutorials.

Types of APIs

Discussion on REST vs GraphQL and binary serialization like ProtoBuf and MessagePack.

Design Patterns

API design guidelines and best practices while avoiding technical debt.

Debug & Monitor

How to debug and monitor your APIs efficiently and avoiding 4am wake up calls.

API Analytics

Using API analytics effectively to improve your API design and usage.

APIs in Production

Managing your APIs in production and ensuring high availability.

GraphQL Best Practices

Complete GraphQL resources for beginner and experts

Dev Experience

Improve the experience of developers (DX) using your APIs, both internally and externally

The Next Platform

New trends in API architecture such as serverless and blockchain.

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About API Guide

The purpose of API Guide is to provide resources, best practices, implementation tutorials, and awesome tools to developers of REST and GraphQL APIs.

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We are the engineering team behind Moesif, a popular API analytics and debugging platform. APIs are our passion and we believe in using the power of APIs to connect companies and products together.

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