Serverless, Microservices & Other Trends in API and Services Architecture

APIs are the building blocks of modern applications. There are many trends in architecture and implementation for new API driven applications. Just a few years ago, many applications were created as a giant monolith. Today, microservices is the rave, but serverless computing and no-ops are just around the corner from major adoption. Event based backend programming such as serverless computing also fits in with other trends like blockchain.

Monolithic Apps

Service Oriented Architecture


Microservices can be considered as a subset of service oriented architecture are very close related.


JAM Stack

JAM Stack stands for Javascript API and Markup. Usually it involves using static site generators (SSGs) to create the static Markup and Javascript and APIs to provide the dynamic content. Since most of the Markup is statically generated, if the website is primarily content driven (like a magazine or blog) it can become extremely scalable. Of course, APIs are key that makes this happen as well.


Blockchain takes it one step further, instead of serverless, it is completely decentralized. It presents whole set of challenges. As API developers we should be prepared as well.


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Track And Improve API Product Metrics With Moesif

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