API Developer Experience (DX) Resources

Developer Experience (DX) is an important consideration for anyone creating APIs, whether internal or public.

Introduction to Developer Experience

Developer Documentation

Having great documentation is first step of having a great developer experience.


Building Developer Community

Developer Support

If you have paid customers you’ll probably need to provide direct support contacts. If you are providing free APIs, you’ll probably leverage the community a lot.

  • Traditional Customer Support Tools
  • Issue Tracking Software Many issue tracking software can also be openned to external facing and let external developer file bugs and issues directly.
  • Webpage Embedded Chatting Software These webpage embedded chatting widgets are often used for prospective customers, but they can be used for support as well.
  • Other Channels
    • Github - For open source software or SDKs, developers often post questions directly on Github. So it is becoming the natural place for developer support. You can also easily create a wiki as well.
    • Stackoverflow - Even though stackoverflow is for general questions, you can create a tagged channel like this:
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/{your tagged key word}

The API Economy

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