API Resources for C# Developers

C# is a general programming language created by Microsoft, introduced in 2000. Being popular in enterprise environments, it’s language features are similar to Java and has a similar vm to convert bytecode to machine code called the Common Language Runtime (CLR). C# as a language can be considered more elegant and advanced relative to Java. C# native async/await feature make implementing asynchronous, non-blocking method calls a breeze and is now being borrowed by other languages. C# also has LINQ and Parallel LINQ, which also adds convenience to creating fluent-style query expressions to query and manipulate data in databases and in memory.

While OSX and Linux support is increasing, much of the higher level .NET framework is still heavily tied to the Windows ecosystem and has tight coupling to IIS similar to enterprise Java being coupled to Tomcat and Java Servlets. The ecosystem is also less open source friendly relative to some other modern languages. At the same time, the backing of a major company like Microsoft provides some excellent documentation around the language and .NET framework.

C# Background

Tutorials on Creating Restful API

Most RESTful APIs are created using a framework, but in the C# world, the only viable one is .NET from Microsoft.

Tutorials for Creating GraphQL APIs

Deploying .Net APIs

Useful Libraries or Packages

C# libraries are managed by NuGet.

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Get User-Centric API Monitoring For C# Get User-Centric API Monitoring For C#

Get User-Centric API Monitoring For C#

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