API Resources for PHP Developers

Created in 1995, PHP evolved from building simple CGI scripts to its own programming language to power dynamic backends. Many well known products such as Wordpress and Facebook were initially built in PHP. Even though PHP has shown it’s age, it’s hard to beet the sheer size of the PHP developer community. Moesif sees a lot of new APIs written with popular frameworks like Laravel even today.

There is a wide variance in quality of PHP code due to it’s use from amateur blogs to high traffic sites.


Tutorials for Creating RESTFul APIs

Like most web pages, you usually build APIs on tops of an existing framework. The most popular frameworks in PHP are Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Tutorials for Creating GraphQL APIs

GraphQL is promoted as an alternative to RESTful API, you can read more about the background on GraphQL, and other types of APIs here.

Tutorials for Deployment

Useful Libaries

The most popular package manager for node is NPM.

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Get User-Centric API Monitoring For PHP

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