Moesif’s Slack Integration

With Moesif’s new alerts feature, we will detect abnormalities and notify you in a timely manner.

Speed up your team project management and error resolution with Slack and Moesif:

  • Moesif is a debugging tool for RESTful APIs and integrated applications to help you resolve technical issues quickly.

  • Moesif will send alerts when Moesif detects abnormalities in your APIs.

  • This Plugin allows you to get alerts in your Slack when Moesif detects abnormalities.

How to setup Moesif with Slack

This setup guide is specific to the Moesif Slack plugin. For general Moesif info, view product features.

  1. Log into your account

  2. Go to Alert Settings -> Top Right Menu-> Alert Setting.

  3. Click on adding new Channel. (each channel represent a way you want to receive alerts at.)

  4. Select adding Slack as an alert channel.

  5. Enter your Slack web hook, follow direction on Slack to get your slack webhook.

  6. After submitted Slack alert channel, look over and edit the Alert Rules to add the channel to the rules.