Moesif’s Zapier Plugin

Moesif is an error analysis and monitoring platform for APIs and applications powered by APIs.

Zapier is a platform for integrate different apps.

The Moesif’s Zapier plugin (currently invite only) allows you to create Zapier triggers from Moesif’s triaged errors. From the triggers generated by Moesif, you can initiate actionsn in any app that is supported by Zapier (such as create tasks in project management tools, send notifications such as Email or SMSs, etc.)

moesif analyzes millions of events

What does the integration do?

  • Moesif analyzes millions of API errors to automatically triage them and provide insights on the root cause.

  • You can view the individual error traces just by entering the end-user email, analyze the data, or replay them to reproduce the error.

  • The Zappier integration allows you to trigger actions in other apps based on the automatically triaged errors in Moesif.

How to setup Moesif with Zapier

  • You should already have a Moesif account.

  • Accept the invite here of Moesif App on Zapier

  • From your Moesif account, view under menu -> extensions -> zapier, and obtain your plugin token.

  • On Zapier, while you add then Moesif App, copy paste the token into Zapier when promoted to link your Moesif Account.

  • On Zapier, select the Triaged Errors as the trigger.

  • From there, create actions in any other app that is supported by Zapier.

Get started now by create a Moesif Account.

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