Moesif’s Zendesk Plugin

A quick overview of Moesif’s Zendesk plugin and setup guide to automatically see user profile in Moesif and links to API history and API issues, etc.

Resolve technical issues faster with Moesif and Zendesk:

  • Moesif is an API Analytics and monitoring service for platform teams with support for REST, GraphQL, and more.

  • The integration imports user profile data such as browser, device info, SDK version, and geographic location directly into Zendesk tickets to avoid long emails threads with customers to get debug info.

  • View HTTP request history and any errors right in Zendesk tickets for that end-user so you don’t have to waste time searching application logs manually.

  • Have instant access to Moesif’s API insights in Zendesk tickets.

Zendesk technical support case

How to setup Moesif with Zendesk

This setup guide is specific to the Moesif Zendesk integration. For general Moesif info, view product features.

  1. Log into your account get your Zendesk plugin token. You’ll find your Zendesk plugin token from Moesif Dashboard -> Bottom Left Menu-> Extensions Setup

  2. Go to the Moesif integration on Zendesk’s Marketplace and click install.

  3. Paste the integration token from Plugin Setup into the Zendesk plugin field.