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How Pronto CX Never Loses a Customer

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Pronto CX provides ticketing and payment services globally for business’ in-person events. Pronto CX is a pioneer in the sports and entertainment industries, by offering a frictionless NFC experience for fans. The singular pass generated by Pronto CX acts as an all- in-one mobile wallet. During development, Pronto CX wanted fast and easy insights as to how their API users interact with their API resources without having to build an internal tool.

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Transit services are a major vertical for Pronto CX; they manage ticketing services for buses and ferries on the East Coast, as well as provide the digital ticketing services for high-profile global events, like Royal Ascot outside London. This means their service needs to not only be operational but performant at all times. Co-founder Conrad Caplin was searching for an API analytics tool that would integrate with their current Rails, Elixir, and Lamba web services, which are used to power Pronto.

One of Conrad’s top goals was maintaining Pronto CX’s 0% churn rate and the Pronto team believes that pro-actively intervening when customers appear to be struggling with API resources is key to realizing that goal. He knew that there were answers in Pronto CX’s log data, but sifting through it was time consuming and not always possible. To understand where customers were having issues, Pronto CX needed to understand how customers were using their product and by how much. He quickly found Moesif (thanks, Google) and was attracted to our product-first and developer-centric tooling.

I really wanted to know, could we identify sub-optimal client API practices, and then proactively help them with better experiences? And then the real bonus would be if we're able to reduce load on Pronto CX.

Conrad Caplin, Co-founder, Pronto CX

Another important factor was engineering hours. Pronto CX is a small team who wanted an autonomous tool that would do the heavy lifting for them, without requiring their time and attention. In short, Pronto CX wanted a tool to integrate into their stack but didn’t want to build an analytics tool of their own.

Retaining users starts with understanding the steps at which users get stuck when using your product and why. Pronto CX had previously employed a reactive strategy to API bugs and problems, giving their customers an opportunity to grow impatient and become at risk for canceling their contracts. Pronto CX wanted to help them set up more efficient API usage metrics of their APIs to ensure happier users.

Churn is something I wanted to proactively avoid and I thought that being able to automate the monitoring of API usage, it would be a good way to gain customer insights and potentially identify situations where Pronto could pro-actively intervene to help both our customers and Pronto be successful.

Conrad Caplin, Co-founder, Pronto CX


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Sequence API calls by stacking them upon one another to help solve errors:

Pronto CX considered building their own internal API analytics tool. While googling for solutions, Conrad found many solutions, but none fit his problem until he came across Moesif. With its focus on real-time user behavior monitoring, he believed that Moesif could integrate into their analytics stack to give them the deep visibility they needed to support their growing customers. Moesif’s ability to analyze event-based data could also help to simplify their log analytics, which were proving to be vital, but tedious.

A couple years ago, when we encountered bugs, we might share a permalink with a team member so they could look at logs. That worked reasonably well, but you are still sifting through logs. Now with Moesif, we have a collection of events that belong together and can easily share those with a few clicks or make them available in a dashboard. Sometimes we throw in a Loom video explaining what we see in Moesif and that makes for much more actionable (and less costly) stories.

Conrad Caplin, Co-founder, Pronto CX

As Pronto scaled their customer base, their tech stack has as well; they now integrate with over 20 other APIs. Because of this, Pronto CX needs total visibility into their applications. Anytime something breaks or a customer surfaces an issue, Pronto CX has to recreate the transaction chain. This sequence of up to 8 API calls stack upon one another, making the transaction timeline muddled and difficult to trace. Moesif provides the ability to live- event sequence these API calls, both inbound and outbound, to easily confirm what’s working well or identify what’s not.

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Embedded dashboards:

Pronto CX’s primary user of Moesif is in its customer success team. They use Moesif to create a story from a collection of events, giving their customers a more digestible analysis of their problems. Moesif has also enabled the CS team to create and share embedded dashboards, providing a self-service capability for customers to see the health of their service.

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Fast and flexible customer service provided by Moesif's engineers:

It was important to Pronto CX to work with an API analytics provider that would be prompt with their changes and responses. Because the Pronto CX team is small, they were looking for a product that would lighten their load, not be a support-ticket generator. From day one, Moesif’s team was available to assist with integration support, bug track, and general account management, resulting in quicker growth.

Moesif is in the top 2-3 in terms of responsiveness when we have issues. Other API Platform providers that we’ve worked with have taken 18-24 months to make changes to their product, to add basic features. Moesif however has updated their product more than once, even for our unique use cases.

Conrad Caplin, Co-founder, Pronto CX


Pronto CX has taken advantage of the flexibility of Moesif’s API analytics platform, gaining deep insights into their customers to fix issues in a more timely manner with real-time user monitoring, and retain their customers through deep, granular log analytics. Although they turned to Moesif to better understand their API users, they’ve unearthed business insights that have helped them to scale their business with confidence.


Pronto CX is rapidly growing, adding new customers and integrating with more and more APIs. They were looking for tools that could maintain their outstanding 100% customer retention rate. Clients were making API errors that were avoidable, but the key information on how they were using the product was buried deep in log data. Moesif’s real-time user behavior monitoring let Pronto identify where problems were occurring and enabled them to pro-actively support API users in efficiently achieving good outcomes.


Pronto CX is an API-first FinTech company specializing in commerce via contactless payments, digital passes, and NFC-based solutions, providing loyalty and payment services for diverse industries including transit and the live event space. Staying lightweight is a top priority for them as most of their business comes from app-less commerce via passes that live in native apps Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

Conrad CaplinConrad Caplin
Co-founder, Pronto CX

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