Introduction to The Product Catalog

The Product Catalog within Moesif is a one-stop shop for managing all of your billing plans and prices. With the product catalog, you can easily create, manage, view, and archive plans across your billing providers. This creates a simple and easy-to-use interface to create products within the billing provider that are compatible with Moesif’s API metering and billing solution.

Benefits of Product Catalog

  1. Business owners can create Plans and Prices right in the Moesif UI so no access to billing systems is needed and don’t need to juggle two different systems.
  2. Your billing system is still the system of record (which Moesif pushes to) so no impact to your accounting flows.
  3. You have a single set of APIs to query your product catalog which provides a layer of abstraction.
  4. This makes it easy to use multiple billing systems in parallel (such as Zuora for enterprise customers, but then use Stripe for self-service)

To get to the Product Catalog screen, simply click the Product Catalog navigation item in the left-side navigation.

Navigating to the Product Catalog Screen

How It Works

Moesif pushes and pulls product information from your billing system. Your billing provider is still the source of truth which ensures accounting and finance flows are not impacted. When a plan or price is created in Moesif, you’ll see it show up in your billing provider.

Provider Mapping

Each provider may have slightly different terminology, which is outlined below.

Moesif Stripe Chargebee Recurly Zuora
Plan Product Item Plan Plan Plan
Price Price Item Price AddOn Price
Subscription Subscription Subscription Subscription Subscription

How to Model Plans and Prices

It’s recommended to create different plans when the package is drastically different. An example of this would be different tiers, each with a unique set of features or entitlements. However, you should create multiple prices under the same Plan to model different price points. For example, you may have different prices for annual vs monthly or volume discounts all linked to the same plan.

An example using our own Moesif pricing is below.

Free Plan
  Free Price

Growth Plan
   - Growth Annual (1m Events/mo) Price
      - Amount for USD
      - Amount for CAD
   - Growth Monthly (1m Events/mo)  Price
      - Amount for USD
      - Amount for CAD
   - Growth Annual (5m Events/mo) Price
      - Amount for USD
      - Amount for CAD
   - Growth Annual (5m Events/mo) Price
      - Amount for USD
      - Amount for CAD

Enterprise Plan
  - Enterprise Yearly    (500m Events/mo) Price
  - Enterprise Yearly    (1,500m Events/mo) Price