Product Updates: API segmentation, trace and bucket filters, data export, and more.

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The Moesif team is excited to announce a slew of new features that customers have been asking for.

Dynamic Filters:

You can now filter and segment API data by any field including custom metadata and custom HTTP headers. Moesif generates these filters dynamically and intelligently based on your data.

auto generated schema image

Similarly we revamped the dash UI to be more data dense even when displaying lots of data along with making the Triage Buckets (the errors that are analyzed together) and the Error Traces easier to search, filter, and sort.

dash improvments

Table View and Data Exportation

For API Search and User Search, you can now select what columns you want to view in a convenient table format. We also added the ability to export data into a CSV or JSON file for more flexibility.

table view and data exportation

Segmentation analysis

You can now use segmentation view to analyze the data based on any of the autogenerated fields. You can visualize your data in bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and more. Like the Table View, you can export your segmentation analysis to CSV or JSON.

table view and data exportation

Closing Thoughts

We are constantly working to make Moesif better and more awesome. Many of these features are based on your feedback, and always love to hear from you on what features you’d like to see.

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