How to Customize Your Profile View Experience in Moesif

At Moesif, we’ve put a lot of work into improving viewing details and trends for specific users and companies. This includes our recent addition of adding profile dashboards to add individual and reusable charts to user and company profiles

Now, we’ve added even further functionality by allowing users to customize what each individual user and companies profile view looks like. This makes it easier to show all the data that is relevant to your organization and hide stuff that isn’t.

What’s changed?

The old profile view screen was static and could not be customized. Although much of the data was useful, it may not be relevant to the needs of every organization using Moesif. Previously, the profile view looked like this:

Old profile view

Now, we’ve added a new look and functionality which makes the profile view much more usable and fully-customizable. When you click on a user or company profile, you’ll now see the following profile view at the top of the screen.

New profile view

How to customize the profile view

Customizing fields within the profile view is extremely easy to do. Once the profile view is edited, it can be saved and applied to the profile view whenever it is opened. Both the user and company profile views can be edited independently. This can help with further customization since you may have specific fields you want to see on a company profile that you may not want to see on a user profile, and vice versa.

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Adding and editing fields

To edit which fields appear on the profile view, simply click on More Actions in the top right of the pane and then select Customize Profiles’ Layout.

edit profile button

Once selected, the screen will now become editable.

editable preview

To add a new field to a column, simply click on the + button at the top of each column.

Add field to profile

From here, select which field you would like to add. The field will then be added to the selected column. You can also reposition new and existing fields by clicking and dragging them to their desired position.

move field in profile

You’ll need to make sure that you click and hold the entry on the left to move the field.

To save your changes, click on the Save button in the top-right of the screen.

save profile changes

Adding columns

To add a new column, scroll to the end of the already created columns and click on the + button.

add column to profile

Then, select the first field you’d like to add to your new column. For example, I will choose Initial Utm Medium. Once selected, the new column will be created.

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column added to profile

To edit the icon used for the column, you can click on the current icon. You will then see the available library of icons that can be used.

select icon for new column

Click on the icon you want to use and it will be assigned to the column.

To save your changes, click on the Save button in the top-right of the screen.

save profile

Try it for yourself

Enable your organization to easily view the most important details for each user and company that you have in Moesif. Use the latest customization functionality in profile view to help your sales, customer success, and other teams get quick access to the data that matters most. To see this latest feature in action, log in or create your Moesif account today.

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